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Easy Alternative to Email Surveillance

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Richard Bliss

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Posted: 7 Sep 2005

In last week's Cool Solutions article, Michael Taylor presented an impressive solution regarding investigation of email abuse.

Michael's article shows how GroupWise administrators can copy a users Post Office and check it for red flags indicating improper use. The 10 step solution also provides insight into the complexity and difficulty of current GroupWise email investigation. Without the proper software, it literally takes hours for companies to gain access into employee email for auditing and security purposes.

There is a commercial application that provides an alternative method.

Reveal from GWAVA is a desktop application that can audit an individual user's mailbox within a GroupWise Post Office. It also allows the searching of an entire domain with multiple post offices for a single message or for widespread abuse.

The entire process to logging in, scanning an employee's email, saving out files, and exiting can be done in a matter of minutes. Passwords do not need to be changed nor do files need to be installed and restored.

Reveal allows authorized Executives to review the contents of any employee's mailbox, search for messages based on key words or content and retrieve these messages from GroupWise while maintaining the security of the system. Reveal scans all email providing protection from information leaks, misuse of company email, and legal liability. Reveal ensures that Executives are able to accurately evaluate email activity so they can properly enforce policy and procedure.

The capabilities offered by Reveal allow executives to have full control of their email system. The following is a simple demonstration of how quick and easy it is for executives to check the contents of an employee's mailbox.

Click here to see the demo

Visit for a product demo and for more information regarding Reveal and other GWAVA products.

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