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Avoiding a Timeout When Entering IP Address During NetWare 6.5 Installation

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By Geoffrey Carman

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Posted: 15 Sep 2005


When you install NetWare 6.5, overlay CD or not, you get to a GUI screen to setup IP and/or IPX. Each protocol has a tick box, and IP address info boxes for IP address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway address.

The thing is, if you click the IP tick box, there is a very annoying pause of potentially several minutes.


It turns out, if you flip screens (Ctrl-Esc) away from the GUI screen, you will see that what loads is a DHCP Client NLM.

NetWare is first trying to get an IP address via DHCP, which is probably good behavior. If that fails, you get the chance to enter the IP info manually. But first you have to wait for it to timeout.

To avoid this timeout, change the order you enter the info:

  1. Enter the IP address
  2. Netmask, and Gateway addresses
  3. and then finally click on the IP tick box.

Then there is no delay for DHCP queries.

On a side point, if you have not tried the Advanced button on each of the various install pages, you should consider trying it, since on the IP/IPX page, you get the chance to enter SNMP info, SLP info, and other useful things.

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