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If GroupWise on Novell Linux Desktop Leaves You Hanging

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By Evil ZEN Scientist

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Posted: 21 Sep 2005

Occasionally the GroupWise cross-platform client will hang on Novell Linux Desktop. If that happens to you, try this little script to kill it nicely.


My GroupWise client on the Novell Linux Desktop sometimes hangs - so I made a dirty little script to kill it. (Should be two lines of text in total for the script.)

  ps ax|grep [b]in/groupwise|grep -v .sh|xargs --max-args=1|sed 1q|xargs kill 

Paste this into a text file - say; make it executable chmod +x; maybe make a launcher shortcut on your toolbar.

Did this work for you?

If you have any questions you may contact the Evil ZEN Scientist at

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