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Detection results not found after upgrading to hotpatch on ZENworks Patch Management Server

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By Shaun Pond

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Posted: 21 Sep 2005

Got the latest Patch Management update, but after you deploy it, you get "Detection results not found", and workstations can't process "Discover Applicable Updates"? Follow this tip for one possible answer.

Check the detection log on the workstation (c:\program files\patchlink\update agent\debug.log, also viewable via the "Check Log" option on the Novell Update Control Panel applet) and the Patch Management server's event log. If you see "Failed to load Msxml2.dll", then this tip is for you.

If you're using MSDE for your Patch Management server, there's a problem with Microsoft's XML parser updates: there's a file missing from the Microsoft support pack which is included with the Patch Management server updates to 6.2. If you've not had a previous version of MSDE installed, you'll need to get a fix from Microsoft and install it. The good news is that as soon as it's installed, the problem goes away.

This does not affect you if you're using SQL Server.

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