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Removing Files when Updating ConsoleOne

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By Mathieu Provencher

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Posted: 5 Oct 2005

NAL Cache disabled, so no "Enable Uninstall" is available.
Windows XP
ZENworks 6.5

PROBLEM: While trying to deploy a new version of ConsoleOne via an App Object, I couldn't completely remove the appropriate folders and files.

The "To be deleted" option from the "Application Files" tab in the applications object's properties was not working as expected, plus manually entering the hundreds of files to be deleted is very time consuming.

Also, since NalCache is disabled, the Uninstall option is not available.

SOLUTION: Using RD.EXE (command line interface) in Windows XP will do exactly that, plus it can be configured to be completely invisible to the user.


To minimize user input, use RD.exe /Q (enables "Quiet mode")
In this example, RD.exe /S will also be used to remove all sub-folders.
Preferably on the "Distribution Options" tab, under "Run before Distribution":
rd /s /q c:\novell\consoleone\1.3.5
Script engine location : cmd.exe /c (to terminate after execution)

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