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Posted: 23 Jan 2002

Novell Netherlands consultant Hans-Robert Vermeulen pointed out this nifty resource. The site, http://www.ithowto.com/, has pulled the whole boatload of NetWare Client performance tips together in a single area. They have done a nice job of indexing the tips and giving detailed explanations when necessary.

Here's the list of tips from their NetWare page:

  1. Make sure MUP.SYS is current.
  2. Optimize redirectors on the PC -- important for Win2K users.
  3. Verify duplex settings -- important for TCP/IP connectivity.
  4. Disable DFS support if not used -- important for non-DFS networks.
  5. Tweak NetBIOS settings.
  6. Change drivers -- newer or older.
  7. Remove IE5's offline browsing.
  8. Optimize your PC's OS.
  9. Disable remote computer task scheduler -- very important.
  10. Novell specific: Install the Client for IPX only -- Do Not use IP and IPX.
  11. Novell specific: Tweak Novell's name resolution timeout.
  12. Novell specific: Disable unused protocol search methods.
  13. Novell specific: Enable/disable packet burst -- Important for Win2K users.
  14. Novell Specific: Only install necessary components.
  15. Novell specific: Install Novell Client 4.8 w/patches -- Important for Win2K users.
  16. Novell specific: Microsoft Client mistakes Novell server for MS server.
  17. Novell specific: Fix Netware provider registry settings.
  18. Novell specific: IP preferred despite setting IPX as preferred in the advanced settings of the Novell Client.

To get the full 411 on these and other tips, click on over to http://www.ithowto.com/novell/clientspeed.htm.

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