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OPEN CALL: Calculating Actual Email Usage

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Updated: 20 Oct 2005

Bryan K. wrote: We're looking for a way to accurately report the number of "email transactions" that happen for our system. Like the straight-forward GWIA statistics for Inbound/Outbound messages, how can we get statistics for internal emails? It seems the statistics for MTA/POA include status and administrative messages, which significantly exaggerate the actual "end-user" email activity. What are other people using to calculate their email usage (without purchasing a third-party solution)?

OPEN CALL: Please share your experiences.

Editor's Note: Bryan's original question asked for solutions that didn't require purchasing a third-party solution, but as you can see a couple of people vouched for some anyway. We are posting all the solutions, just to make sure you know what other people are using out there.


James Fowler

We use two free tools which accurately can record the in and outgoing mail of both internal and external email. We use a free tool called MBOXSTAT which records the internal mail for the user. We then export this data to an Excel spreadsheet for our Post Offices. We also use another free tool called RobGWLog which records the incoming and outgoing mail statistics for external mail. This again can be exported into an Excel Spreadsheet. Have you also tried the Mailbox statistics option that comes which GWCHECK?

I downloaded these tools from Cool Solutions.

  • Here is the link to MBOXSTAT.
  • Here is the link to RobGWLog.
  • Here is another tool which might be helpful where you can publish the results in either a CSV or HTML format: GWCHECK.LOG
  • Here is another tool that reports the GW Attachment Statistics: GWAttachmentStats
  • Here is another tool for getting reports out of the GWIA Logs: GWIA Log Utility

I hope this helps you guys out. If you have any questions about these tools then please let me know because we are using these on a monthly basis to report statistics to give to our management. If management thinks the stats are useful then the tools must definitely work!! You most likely know how hard it is to convince a manager!!

Chris Premo

I created this Cool Tool to help me manage the GWIA Acct.txt files.

Jason Mitchell

We actually track our incoming and outgoing mail through our firewall, not through GroupWise. We run Reptor against our log files on a nightly basis. Really helps us understand mailflow to and from our users.

Third-party Solutions

Phil Holdstock

GWAVA Redline does a fantastic job monitoring email through the entire GroupWise system.

Marc Conradty

We are using Redline from GWAVA - it makes excellent reports for all kinds of GroupWise usage, GWIA, WebAccess and, of course, all kinds of Mailbox usages!

Hans Hegeman

We have used Intellireach Insight suite to monitor the GroupWise system. More information is available in the Control for GroupWise Suite datasheet.

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