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Keeping ZENworks from Hogging the SYS Volume

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By Orrie Holmen

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Posted: 12 Oct 2005

ZENworks installs by default to the SYS volume. If the SYS volume runs out of disk space, this causes severe server problems. ZENworks Server Management (ZENworks for Servers) Tiered Electronic Distibution (TED) uses large amounts of disk space. During the subscriber processing it stores distributions, extracts them, and keeps multiple distribution copies. It is very easy to run the SYS volume out of space with even a small distribution.

SOLUTION: Create a separate "ZEN" volume as part of a separate NSS pool (other then the SYS pool). Assign space restrictions to the ZEN volume so that the entire pool can not be used up by ZENworks processes. This prevents ZEN from using all the disk space in a pool shared with other volumes such as DATA, VOL1, etc.

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