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Copying Applications to Another Tree without AXTs

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By Jeremy Scott

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Posted: 12 Oct 2005

This has been tested with ConsoleOne 1.3.5 and ZENworks 4.0.1.

PROBLEM: Need a quicker way to copy applications from one tree to another without exporting/importing AXTs.

SOLUTION: Use ConsoleOne and the normal application creation processes with ZENworks. No need to buy anything for this!


(Make sure you are authenticated in both the source and destination trees to prevent any problems.)

  1. Create another application object inside your destination tree.
  2. Select Create application from another application.
  3. When it asks you where the application is - there is a button there that you probably never use...when you start to browse at the Look in: prompt, click on the Change context button (button that has arrows in all directions). At the prompt type in the name of your source tree and click OK.
  4. If your DNS is set right to normally browse the other tree then you will get the contents of the other tree. Simply drill down and select the application from the source tree.

The process creates the app using the application information in the source tree. It's the same as if you created the app from an app in the same tree. The only other thing is if you have source files, you will need to copy those into a host server that is tied to your destination tree. Then you just replace all the references in your app object. All other settings are there like registry and application tweaks. It's a little faster than importing from AXT files and saves you from having to export (to make sure you have the most current changes to the object).

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