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Help Available for Disaster Recovery

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Posted: 11 Oct 2005

As businesses struggle to restore and recover from Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, one problem that is occurring is the lack of skilled workers who can help get the network operational again.

We received this interesting offer of help, and thought we'd pass it along in case anyone would like to engage the services of an experienced administrator who understands disaster recovery.

If anyone else offering the same services would like to post their resumes here as well, please send them here and we'll add them to the article.

Brian Bergen

This is not a survival story but an offer of help.

I am currently laid off Senior Novell Administrator from a large corporation in Madison Wisconsin. I would like to find a corporation in the affected area that is working on a disaster recovery process that could use temporary help to recover from the disaster. I have extensive disaster recovery experience and I believe that I would be an excellent resource to help.

Here is my resume.

Novell Product Specialties: NetWare, eDirectory (NDS), GroupWise, iChain, DirXML

Contact Brian at

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