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Solving Binding Problems on Solaris Servers

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By Donal Duane

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Posted: 19 Oct 2005


On eDirectory 8.7.3, a problem occurs on Solaris 9 servers. Some NDS utilities cannot bind to eDirectory when the /etc/hosts file is configured with the hostname of the server, if the hostname is bound to any interface other than the first interface defined. If /etc/hosts is edited to bind the hostname to the first interface, the problem does not occur.

For example:

  • 1st NW interface -> bound to public network
  • 2nd NW interface -> bound to private network AND HOSTNAME

The NDS utilities seem to fail if the server's hostname is not bound to the first interface board in the list ('ifconfig -a'). The typical workaround is to switch the 'name_to_address' mapping in '/etc/hosts' between the 1st and 2nd interfaces.

The following error message appears when the failure happens:

Could not connect to : failed, remote failure (-635)


The proper workaround is to specify the hostname when using NDS utilities:

-h <host name>

For example:

$ ndsstat -h

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