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Making sure GWTSA.NLM gets Updated

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By Charles Love

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Posted: 13 Oct 2005

Issue: When you upgrade to GroupWise 7.0 GWTSA.NLM may not update (the previous version may still be there).

Notes: I have verified this on some customers' installs; also called Novell and the tech we spoke to verified it too on his system. To see if you have the problem, from your server type "m gwen*". If you see GWENN4.NLM loaded and you are on GroupWise 7, chances are you have the problem too. (You should only see GWENN5.nlm if you are on 7.0.x.) On the console, unload Gwtsa and reload it. If it auto-loads gwenn4, then you have proven your gwtsa is the WRONG Version.

You can also compare your gwtsa.nlm with the one in your system area to the one the CD or SSD x:\agents\nlm\

To Fix: Just copy the gwtsa.nlm from X:agents\nlm\ to your system path (usually sys:system) unload and re-load your gwtsa and you should be all set. The tech I spoke to said he would let backline know. I would assume this will go into SP1 for 7.0.

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