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Posted: 29 Jul 2004

One big recurring theme from end-users who move from Word to is the plea for pre-built macros that will supply extra functionality without them having to code the macros themselves. We went sleuthing and found a really nice supply of them, free for the taking.

OOo Macros has rounded up a very impressive collection of end-user macros you can download for free. (They also have developer macros on their site.) They cover all kinds of territory from tools for writers, to a calendar maker, to extended drawing tools, and lots more. Check them out, and if you've got any of your own to share, the site owner Russ Phillips says he welcomes submissions.

Here are some intriguing ones:

Andrew Brown's Macros
Author: Andrew Brown
This document includes a set of small practical tools written by a professional writer to help him in his work, and which may be helpful to others. It includes an improved word counter, case changer, insert special character, swap characters and search text in OOo files, among others.

Author: Didier Lachi?ze
This is a Calc add-in that adds functions to import/export .qif files as used by personal finance software (Money, Quicken, Gnucash...) It is delivered as an OOo Calc document with an install/uninstall tool included, in both English and French. Documentation is included in English & French, and there is a web site.

CSV Print
Author: Dominik Di Lorenzo
This macro imports a CSV-file, then opens a new document, either from a template or a completely new Calc document. The macro will copy the data from the CSV-file to the new document, print it, and close all the documents (csv, new document, this document (containing the macro)

If the macro is assigned to the 'Open Document' event, it can be run from a command line, providing a way to quickly print a given CSV file.

Document Converter
Author: Danny Brewer
DocConverter is a utility to convert a batch of documents from any supported OOo format into any other supported OOo format. It could, for example, be used to convert a batch of OOo Writer documents into PDFs. Simple to use, with an interface similar to OOo's AutoPilots.

Extended PDF
Author: Martin W Brown
This macro creates a PDF document from your original with PDF bookmarks, document meta-information (author, keywords etc), notes and hyperlinks. There is PDF creation support in However, this does not include support for hyperlinks or PDF bookmarks.

Impress Photo Album Creator
Author: Russ Phillips
A set of macros that are intended to create a photo album in Impress from a set of graphics files in a directory. The presentation can then be edited, exported to another format, etc.

OOo Statistics
Author: David Hitchcock
This is a suite of macros to perform basic statistical analysis within OpenOffice. These macros give OpenOffice Calc the functionality which Analysis ToolPak gives Microsoft Excel, and many of these routines are unavailable in Excel.

OOoStat routines are now dialog-driven and can be installed in their own menu.

There are three modules of user-called macros:

  • Basic Statistics: 1-way ANOVA, Kruskall-Wallis test, t-test, 2-way ANOVA, chi-square contingency table test, Wilcoxon sign-rank test, Correlation, Rank Correlation, Simple Regression.
  • Multivariate Statistics: Principal Components Analysis, Correspondence Analysis, Multidimensional Scaling, MANOVA, Canonical Discriminant Analysis.
  • Applications: Text-to-Columns, Latin Square generation, Patterned data

Screenplay Template
Author: Geoff Doty, Tom Ash, JohnV & Russ Phillips
This is a screenplay formatting template for OOo Writer. Macros are used to change style, insert text, etc. The use of macros to change style means that by assigning the macros to keyboard shortcuts, styles can be changed by a keyboard combination.

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