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Imaging in a Clustered Environment

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By Falk Nolte

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Posted: 18 Oct 2005

PROBLEM: We have a problem with ZENWorks 6.5 Imaging in a clustered environment. Because we do not use dhcp in our network, we are forced to create a linux-partition on every workstation we want to deploy an image to or create an image from.

We have configured the server-package to deploy images automatically to all workstations which connect to the ZENWorks imaging server with a certain IP-Address. But when a workstation which has this IP-Address starts linux, the message "no work to do" appears every time we boot the machine.


The name of our cluster-pool-server object was too long. It was "CLUSTER_CLUSTER_POOL_SERVER".


  1. First create an alias of your cluster-pool-server object with a short name, for example "cl_img".
  2. Second edit the file "ZFDStart.ncf". At the end of this file you will find an entry similar to the following:

    load CLUSTERVOL:\system\imgserv "-s:cluster_cluster_pool_server.your_OU.your_O" "" -y

    change this entry to:

    load CLUSTERVOL:\system\imgserv "-s:cl_img.A_Cluster.Herzzentrum" "-i:" -y
  3. Third restart ZENWorks.

ZENworks Imaging should now work.

If you have any questions you may contact Falk at

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