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ZENworks Workstation Objects and NETBIOS Name Changes

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By Shaun Pond

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Posted: 18 Oct 2005

Peter wrote: Just finished doing an installation of ZENworks 6.5 in a Windows-only network. After some struggles, all is good. Customer is happy.

BUT (you knew that was coming) we need to find a workaround for an irritating problem. When a tech moves or otherwise has to rename a workstation, the ZENworks workstation object does not get updated, and then we get a re-registration and a second object. We would prefer that this work as it does in PatchLink, where when the workstation NETBIOS name is changed, the workstation object name changes.

Short of that sensible solution, we would like to create a force run app that is small, that can do a compare of the netbios name to the workstation object name. If they do not match, the script should unreg and then rereg.

How do I do that?

This is fairly easy to do. For example, you could create a force-run app with this pre-distribution script:

echo reg log >c:\reg.log
zwsreg -unreg >>c:\reg.log
zwsreg >>c:\reg.log
echo end of reg.log >>c:\reg.log

setting the script engine location to %COMSPEC% /C and using .cmd for the extension.

The problem is that unregistering a workstation does not delete the workstation object, which is by design, since you may have applications, policies, etc. associated directly to that object, and those associations would be lost. The best solution to this problem is to design a NETBIOS naming convention that ensures that a workstation keeps its name throughout its life: for example, use its asset tag.

If the NETBIOS name remains the same, then if you move or otherwise rename the workstation object (as long as you use a copy of ConsoleOne that has the ZENworks snapins), the workstation will know about the move, and will not re-import.

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