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SUSE versus Red Hat for Support

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By Rick Holzer

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Posted: 20 Oct 2005

A common question is what is the difference between SUSE and Red Hat pertaining to the support available for customers (Is it telephone or only electronic that is included with their maintenance?)

Both Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and Red Hat (RH) Linux come with free installation support packages which vary slightly.

Novell sells SLES (Patches, fixes and updates per year) and offers the option of purchasing optional support either in packages, or as one off tickets that provide voice to voice support.

Red Hat on the other hand sells several versions of their product that are priced differently based on the level of support that you purchase.

Basic purchase of SLES or RH-ES-Basic

* Both are $349 per server per year

** SLES offers a full year of Free Install support via email only, with the option of purchasing phone support.

** RH has 30 days of phone support - full year of web support

* Novell offers additional support options that can be optionally purchased.

** Recommended Novell Support Solution for SLES:

Customers who prefer not to purchase a full year of support from Novell can purchase a single support ticket from Novell at any time by calling 1-800-858-4000.

* Red Hat sells optional "editions" of their product that bundle enhanced support packages.

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