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First Look at SUSE 10.0

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Posted: 24 Oct 2005 has published a nice review of SUSE 10. The author lists some accurate views of how this platform has positively influenced the open source community. He goes through the installation and desktop usage of the platform, listing many and varied ways that SUSE is playing its 'A' game.


"At the end of the day I feel comfortable recommending SUSE 10 to anyone wishing to either try on their Linux shoes for the first time or to those who already know the operating system already but are looking for one of the better desktop distros on the planet. SUSE Linux 10 should have enough allure to cater to everyone's needs with it's stellar looks and fine assortment of included applications. Everything just seems to work as it should, and it's welcome in my home any day of the week."

View the entire article here.

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