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Using GroupWise to Collect Info for Status Reports

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By Bryan Keadle

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Posted: 25 Oct 2005

Do you have to (semi) regularly submit a status report to the Powers That Be? Do you have trouble (like I do) keeping track of all the various tasks and projects that you've completed or are working on because it's all a blur (multi-tasking!)? Wouldn't it be nice to have a way to jog your memory of items that may be pertinent to your status report? Read on.

Given the pace of my days/weeks/months (and yours too no doubt!) I often forget to make note of completed or in-progess tasks, and then when I have to submit a quarterly report, my mind goes blank....or at least I ask myself, "What DID I do these past three months?!?!"

Most anything I accomplish or am working on would result in at least a couple emails, whether it be submitted documentation, or some dialog about the project/task. So, I set up a Groupwise Find folder like this:

Which shows me the emails originated by me and sent between the reporting date period. From this resulting list, I get a fair representation of my activity that I need to report on.

If most of your task/project-related email communication would only be to internal people, you can exclude your internet email by adding one additional filter to exclude any Internet-destined email (assuming your corporate email address book isn't using internet naming):

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