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Posted: 26 Oct 2005

Michael J. Jordan from provides a nice review of SUSE 10. Complete with screenshots and a lot of detail, this is a great review. He provides a thorough outline of the installation process, and some suggestions on how to improve your SUSE experience on the desktop.

"As far as the general experience with SUSE 10 goes, it's just nice looking and pleasant to use all around. The fonts are all smooth and easy to read. The desktop look is modern and pleasing to the eye. You get tons of applications. Many of these, like Firefox and OpenOffice, are now used even in the Windows world. And what does all of this quality software this cost you? Zero. Zilch. Nada. SUSE 10 is definitely the best SUSE distribution to date. It may be the best distribution for the average everyday user to bear the name 'Linux' so far. It's worth taking a look at."

Read the entire review here.

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