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Configuring Client 4.91(SP1) For Easy to Use C2S VPN

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By Thomas Schoppe

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Posted: 27 Oct 2005

When we are implementing C2S VPNs for our customers, we often get this question: "How can we simply do a switch from VPN to inside usage and back."

So we looked into this and have found a solution:

  1. Install NetWare Client 4.91SP1
  2. Install BorderManager 3.8 Version 10 (3.8.10)
  3. Place your PC in the DNS-Context of your local Network: Network Properties, TCP/IP, Advanced, DNS, DNS-Suffix for this Connection: "acme.local".
    "acme.local" is the DNS-Context of your local Network at the Office. This has to be set, because the VPN-Sever pushes the Server Address but not the context.
  4. Configure your VPN-Server's C2S configuration as usual. Do not forget to set the DNS-Server and SLP-Server at the C2S Config.

Now we start to configure the Client:

  1. Right Mouse click on the red N.
  2. Choose Novell Client Properties
  3. Choose Location Profile Tab
  4. Type in a Profile name "acme-vpn" and click ADD
  5. In the new Window "Properties of Location Profile: acme-vpn" go to the "Service Copy" field and enter a new name for this copy "acme-vpn-service"
  6. Click on the ADD button which is now active.
  7. Fill out every field in all the tabs as your settings will need.
  8. Activate "Save Profile after successful login" in the headline.
  9. If you have more than one vpn location, just repeat these steps.

  • Save all opened settings.
  • Now you can put a shortcut on your desktop pointing to "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\LOGIN.EXE". Do not use VPN-Login. This is very unstable and slow during login.
  • If you click on the "red N" - login on your desktop, you can choose the login method. Then enter the password.
  • You will get a very quick and stable login - even if you switch between more than 1 VPN - Location.

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