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Creating a One-time Password Policy

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Posted: 4 Nov 2005

NSL has been developed so users do not have to remember a lot of username / password combinations.

It is possible for the administrator to create a password policy per application and change the password after the first time the user logs in. The new password (a $Password variable) would then be stored in eDir, AD, or an LDAP v3 compliant directory, so there is no longer the need for the user to remember his/her password, apart from the first login. This means that password can be made a very strong password, because your user only has to remember that password.

You can change the script below to capture the change password dialog once. As soon as it does, you ask the question of whether the user would like to change the password. Then you use the IF .. THEN sequence to either (yes) change the password, or (no) click cancel.


        Class #32770 
        Title "Change Password" 
Messagebox -YesNo ?Result "Would you like to change your password?" 

If ?Result eq "Yes" 
        ChangePassword $Password  
        <Everything else you want to do on this window>
        Click #2        (Cancel button) 
End if

If you use ReadText #0, it will read the windows title. If you use ReadText #<ID> it will read what is stored in the Ctrl ID.

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