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Update: Creating Your Own Service Pack Overlay for NetWare 5.1

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Posted: 29 Jan 2002

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Most everyone knows that the first thing they should do once they've installed NetWare is install the most recent support pack. Traditionally, this process involved a step to install NetWare and a separate step to install the support pack.

Now you can install NetWare 5.1 and a support pack at the same time from a single CD or directory. It's all explained in a new Deployment Guide.

Here's what's included in the guide:

  1. Prepare the Materials.
  2. Create an Overlay Directory.
  3. Create an Overlay CD (optional).
  4. Install NetWare 5.1 and the Support Pack.

Here's where to find it:

Reader Feedback:

Doug Black

I tried following your deployment guide for creating my own patched NW51+SP3 install, but the BLDOVRLY.BAT file failed to copy the SP files to the destination. I finally inserted PAUSE commands throughout the batchfile and saw "INVALID SWITCH - /Y" after the first XCOPY command. I removed the "/Y" and it worked just fine.

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