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Stopping a Distribution with ZENworks Patch Management

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Shaun Pond

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Posted: 9 Nov 2005

If a Distribution gets "stuck", you can't follow normal procedures to stop the deployment, and ZENworks Patch Management won't let you. Here's a useful way to achieve this.

Although ZENworks Patch Management (ZPM) allows you to cancel a Distribution before it starts, there's no obvious way to cancel a "stuck" distribution - where ZPM believes that a Distribution is in progress, but for whatever reason, it's not working, and ZPM doesn't know it's completed. What you can do, is to temporarily disable the vulnerability - if you do that, and restart the agent on the affected workstation, it will stop trying to deploy the package(s). When that's happened, you can re-enable the vulnerability.

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