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Patches, Fixes, and Updates for SLES 9

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By Rick Holzer

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Posted: 3 Nov 2005

SP1, SP2 and all subsequent patches since SP2 are available to Novell customers who have current Upgrade Protection (UGP) for their SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 9 product.

  • UGP was formerly known as Maintenance at SUSE.
  • UGP is a subscription service that is renewed annually.
  • UGP is $349 per server per year for an x86 or x86_64 bit system that has 1 or 2 CPUs.

With UGP, fixes and updates are available by one of two means:

#1 - (Recommended) Initiate a YaST Online Update and use your Novell UserName and Password that is associated with your ocurrent/active UGP when prompted for a UN/PW.

#2 - From
  • Login with the UN/PW noted above
  • Search for "Service Pack" with the search utility at this site

If you do not own Upgrade Protection for your SLES product, please contact a Novell reseller or call the Novell Customer Response Center and a Novell associate will put you in touch with the appropriate resource.

Find a Novell Reseller:

Call Novell Customer Response Center: 1.800.529.3400

To learn how to access online updates, please select your product below:

  1. Novell Linux Desktop -
  2. Open Enterprise Server -
  3. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server -
  4. Novell Linux Small Business Server -

How to Get Customer Care with a Novell Eval or Purchase

When you are having trouble with Novell activation keys, get help from your assigned Novell Customer Care Agent.

Novell Customer Care Agents are not tech support. They are operation folks that can sort out registration of your products or evaluations, this being the necessary first step in order to get any support from Novell on your products or evals.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Customer Care" from the left hand menu
  3. Login in with your username and password
  4. Contact the person under "My Contact"

This assumes that you have followed all of the instructions while accessing a Novell product Evaluation on any given Novell product or have a purchaed product with Novell.

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