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Solving Password Caching Problems on Macintosh

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By Randall R. Saeks

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Posted: 16 Nov 2005


After creating a mobile account on OS X, users have to use their old password to log in to the machine, and their new one to connect to AFP servers.

When a mobile account is created in 10.4, the LDAP server to which the account authenticated is cached locally. If that server is moved or the DNS name is changed, this field does not get updated. Therefore the network password for the account will not synch when changed.


Here are the steps to follow to solve this problem:

  1. Open NetInfo manager, located in Applications/Utilities.
  2. Navigate to the user account(s) in question by first unlocking the database, then going to Users, then to Username.
  3. Find the authentication_authority attribute on the user account.
  4. Change the server name after /LDAPv3/ to the correct LDAP server.
  5. Choose Domain from the menu bar and choose Save.

Now the network password for the user account is synchronized, avoiding the old/new password problem.

Note: This solution was tested in a Mac OS 10.4.x environment, on NetWare 6.x.

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