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Troubleshooting Free Evals

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Rick Holzer

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Posted: 10 Nov 2005

Most of Novell products have evaluation software available from

This information is primarily intended for the quick release cycle product SUSE Linux 10.0 (formerly SUSE Linux Pro), though much of this information can also be applied to evals of SLES or NLD. (The "MD5SUM check" is applicable to all products.)

Troubleshooting Eval Downloads

Use an FTP client to download the evals. If you attempt to download the evals by clicking on the link within in a browser, your download will almost certainly fail.

If you do not have an FTP client and are using a Microsoft system, go to Google and search with the following phrase, "Microsoft FTP clients". You will find many free FTP clients to choose from.

  1. Verify that the files (.ISO files) that you downloaded are bit for bit the same as the source files. This is done by doing an MD5SUM check.
    Please read
    MD5SUM results for the sources are posted on the download page.
  2. Your CD/DVD burning program will need to have an option that suggests that you are burning an image rather than a file. In K3Burner in Linux, the option is "Burn DVD/CD ISO Image...".
    Verify that you are in fact burning the "Image" of the .ISO rather copying the .ISO file to disk as a file. Do one of the following to test this:
    • Attempt to boot from it. If it fails, you have burned it wrong or your computer's BIOS is not set properly.
    • From a Microsoft Windows system, view the disk with Windows Explorer.

    If you see a file named "The_name_of_your_download.iso" you have, in fact, burned the file to disk (non-bootable, not what you want) rather than having burned a bootable "image" of the .iso file.

    An .ISO file that is copied as a file will not boot.

    Default Microsoft DVD/CD burning software does not easily permit burning of a bootable image. (perhaps not at all, I am not sure).

    I would recommend downloading the free Windows based CD/DVD burner such as DeepBurner (randomly selected by a Google Search. There are other equally good burners that are freely available) at,
  3. Verify your System's BIOS is set to boot from CD/DVD. Consult the User Manual or website for your computer details.

Free support for Evals are available from the respective Novell Forum. All Support for Free Evals are limited to this mode of support.

For all Novell/SUSE Linux products, ticket-based, free Installation Support is available if the product is purchased and registered.

FTP Installation

Here are some useful links regarding downloads from SUSE:


Try it on any other machine, even a machine that you do not want to install it on. One can go through the first 10 minutes of the install process without effecting _any_ change to a given system. This first part is just Q&A that builds an install script. Not until one clicks on the big green box that says something like, "Are you sure that you want to continue, your harddrive is about to be altered," is any change made to your system. One of the options is to cancel installation.

If you can make it through this GUI driven script on the second machine, this rules out bad download and burn. Then the problem is that the first piece of hardware that you were using is not compatible or requires bootup commands to get over a hardware hurdle.

For more thorough assistance with this Free Eval, please go to the mailing lists or forums.

Additional Notes

When downloading using HTTP protocol, one of two things will happen:
  • You will receive disingenuous (false) information from the browser download manager.
  • And/or it will most likely fail.

Solution: Download from an FTP site with an FTP client.

The DVD ISOs are in fact 4.3 GBs. Here is a more complete HOWTO download for SUSE Linux:

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