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Checking Effective Remote Control Policy

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By Shaun Pond

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Posted: 16 Nov 2005

Concerned that you might not have the right policy applying for Remote Control? Checkout this handy little tip for making sure.

Arriving at the effective Remote Control policy can be complicated. Not only is there the matter of working out which policy applies, with the Container Search Policy, the policies associated to object, group and container, but also the effective policy is a combination of the Workstation Remote Control Policy and the User Remote Control Policy, with the most restrictive choice for each option applying. (For example, if you have the option to request permission set to No on the Workstation Policy, but Yes on the User policy, the Yes will apply).

If you want to be absolutely sure of what the effective policy is, right-click on the Remote Management icon in the system tray, and choose information, then click the security tab. That information is generated there and then from the policy, and you can check this by changing something on one of the policies and then repeating the process - that's a rough-and-ready, but useful, way of checking if the policy you think is applying is the correct one. (Make sure the change you make is from non-restrictive to restrictive, like turning on the requirement for user confirmation, otherwise you might not see the change!).

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