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Speeding up Imaging by Controlling Speed of NICs

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By Scott Kunau

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Posted: 16 Nov 2005

PROBLEM: Control speed and duplex of NIC for ZENworks Imaging. NICs are set to auto-negotiate by default and that adds hours to imaging.

SOLUTION: In a scripted image object put the following in as the first line of the script. The cool part about this is you don't have to modify the Linux.X files that are downloaded during PXE-boot and you don't have to worry about specific NIC drivers.

Here is the command:

ethtool -s eth0 autoneg off duplex full

"ethtool" is the command/utility
"-s" deals with settings I think (it is required)
"eth0" is the first NIC in the box (you could use "eth1" if needed)
"autoneg off" turns off autonegotiate
"duplex full" forces full duplex

The next line in our script pushes the image file down from the ZENworks imaging proxy server using the typical IMG command.

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