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Creating NetStorage Storage Locations

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Posted: 17 Sep 2004

You create access points from NetStorage to other file systems by creating Storage Location objects in eDirectory. For instructions on creating Storage Locations, see "Creating a Storage Location Object" in the NetStorage Administration Guide.

If You Performed an Express Installation

If you performed an express installation, your NetStorage installation already contains two Storage Locations:

  • A shared folder on the NNLS server which contains a Read Me.html file that explains how to create Storage Location objects
  • iFolder access to your NNLS iFolder server

HINT: iFolder access in NetStorage is controlled through the iFolder Storage Provider task in iManager and does not involve a storage location. For more information about the iManager task, see the context-sensitive help in iManager.

If You Performed a Custom Installation

If you performed a custom installation, your NetStorage installation contains the shared folder referenced in the previous section, but it might not contain an iFolder link depending on whether you specified an "iFolder Server IP Address or Hostname" while installing Virtual Office.

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