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Clearing Duplicate Timestamps

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By Gustavo Morera

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Posted: 1 Dec 2005


A reader asked the following question:

"We're running NBM 3.8 on a NetWare 6 SP4 server, using proxy and VPN. We cannot seem to update or add rules without getting the "Restrict, Unable to update NDS attributes -614" error.

To get around this, we've been unloading the proxy and aclcheck, then reloading them to get the rule addition/change to come active. I found TID 10074727 - Troubleshooting Error: Restrict, Unable to update NDS attributes -614 - that looks like it might help, but I'm wondering if there's anything else we can try to alleviate this.

I've run DSRepair - eDirectory seems healthy, all servers are synched, etc."


Here's the response from Forum participant Gonzalo Morera ...

This may be due to a duplicate timestamp issue. You can manually remove the duplicate timestamp from the NBM server object by following these steps:

  1. Unload the proxy and aclcheck.
  2. Open ConsoleOne.
  3. Go to the NBM server object, then Properties, then the Other tab.
  4. Search for "BRDSRV:Timestamp". You will see a number of entries underneath.
  5. Delete all these entries.
  6. Close ConsoleOne.
  7. Wait a few minutes and reload the proxy.

Now you should be able to add rules with no issues.

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