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Troubleshooting Tips for Novell Audit

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By Jason Doering

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Posted: 2 Dec 2005

In terms of general troubleshooting, I suggest taking it from the top:

  1. MySQL
  2. lengine
  3. Platform agent


1. Check that the MySQL engine is running and configured.

2. Is there a MySQL database server screen on the NetWare console? The autoexec.ncf should have a "mysqld_safe --autoclose" statement to start the MySQL engine.

3. Did the database get created in MySQL? Step through the "Using MySQL with NSure Audit" chapter in the Novell Audit Administration manual.


1. Reload lengine with the "-D" switch to show its screen. Records should not be sitting in the queue value.

2. The default MySQL channel should be configured like this in iManager:

Host: localhost:3306 (MySQL server)
Name: naudit (database name)
Table: log (default table name)
User: auditusr (MySQL username)
Password: auditpwd (default MySQL user password)
Create Table Options: (blank initially)
SQL expiration commands:
create table newtable ($T) $e;RENAME TABLE $l TO l$n, newtable TO $l;
(script to run to archive records)
Expire at specified time/interval: 00:00 (runs script at midnight)
After running NSure Audit for awhile, the administrator should set the AVG_ROW_LENGTH and MAX_ROWS values in the create table options to fine tune the storage of the records.

Platform Agent

See the following Cool Solutions article:

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