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How to Load the Azureus BitTorrent Java App on NetWare

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By Rodney Crossman

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Posted: 1 Dec 2005

Grab the latest build of azureus2.jar and the 2 supporting log4j and commons-cli .jar files in order to run it from a console. These files are available at I tested with the latest (must be renamed azureus2.jar)

For sake of demonstration, I'll refer to my volume as DATA:. Change appropriately in your own setup and scripts.

Create an azureus folder on data: volume. Avoid using sys for the obvious reasons of downloads and logfiles getting large quickly.

Create another subfolder called 'plugins' and under that one called 'webui'.

Grab the latest webui from and uncompress the files into your data:/azureus/plugins/webui directory.

Also, create a directory for your downloads such as data:/downloads

Now to create an azureus.ncf file in sys:/system and put the following line in it (adjusting data: to your own volume when necessary)

java -ns -envCWD=data:/azureus -Djava.home=sys:/java -jar data:/azureus/azureus2.jar --ui=console %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

Next save and run azureus.ncf on the server and switch to the console it creates. In this screen type the following:

l off
set "Use default data dir" true bool
set "Default save path" "data:/downloads" string

Now load azureus.ncf again and open a web browser to http://your-server-ip:6883. This should open the web gui allowing you to do the basic torrent load, start, stop functions and to monitor what it's doing.

Advanced set commands such as port settings, webui password and torrent hosting can be run from the azureus console on the server. Further documentation and help is available at

Have fun!!


Tested on netware 6.5sp4

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