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Mouseover Sample Code for eGuide

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By Andrey Karyagin

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Posted: 4 Jan 2006


A reader recently asked the following question ...

"Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. We have the "SV_FindAtrributeShowTD" in our UIHandlers.xsl, but I want to incorporate a "mouseover" function that would display another .GIF if the user moves the mouse over the .GIF image. Can anyone help me with this?"

Here's a code solution from Andrey Karagyin ...


You can try the following sample code to switch beteen find_16.gif and view.gif for "onmouseover"/"onmouseout" events. It works fine for me with a browser version of at least IE 6.0, SP1. You can replace view.gif here with your own GIF file if necessary.

   <xsl:template name="SV_FindAttributeShowTD">
     <td class="ValueText">
       <xsl:for-each select=".">
           <xsl:value-of select="value"/>
           <xsl:if test="value != ''">
             <xsl:text> </xsl:text>
               <img id="findimg" 
src="{/Novell/eGuide/ThemePath}find_16.gif" border="0" width="16" 
height="16" alt="{$FindOthersWithTheSameLabel}" 

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