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Disabling Fields in eGuide

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By Niclas Ekstedt

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Posted: 4 Jan 2006


A reader asked the following question:

"We are close to getting eGuide set up for our needs. However, in the default view, the Address and Project Links attributes/fields are still visible. I don't want to display these items to our users. Using the eGuide Administration Utility I cannot find the corresponding attributes. Does anyone know how to disable them?"


Here is some advice on the issue from Forum expert Niclas Ekstedt:

The Address field is a composite of all of its subsidiary parts (street, city, state, etc). You can only suppress it by making all of its constituent parts non-displayable (but see below).

The Project Links field is "LABELEDURI" - which you can view by going to Attribute Labels and looking for the Template key with the matching Display text, or you can search the files under:


and you'll find it deep in that tree in (and possibly in one of the language-specific files as well).

However, in both cases, if the fields in question are not set, you should check "Filter Empty Detail Values" under Display/Advanced in the eGuide Administration Utility.

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