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Tracking User Object Connections

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By Dave Parkes

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Posted: 18 Jan 2006


A reader recently asked the following question:

"Is there an LDAP attribute that tracks the connections a user object is using? For example, I need to know how many connections a user has to our servers, and what resources those connections are connected to.

Also, can I query an LDAP attribute for a ZEN workstation object and find out which user account (if any) is connected to that workstation?"

And here's the response from Forum expert Dave Parkes ...


Here's a snippet from one of my PHP scripts. It uses the ZEN NDS info in order to give you the last logged-in user:

$basedn = "ou=Workstations,o=Norgren";
// do the search
$sr=ldap_search($ds, $basedn, $search, $searchattr);
ldap_sort($ds, $sr, "wmnamecomputer");

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