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Moving eDirectory to Another Subnet

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By Alan Shea

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Posted: 1 Feb 2006


A reader asked the following question:

"I need to move my working system to another subnet. What do I have to do to make it work fine after changing the IP on a machine?"

And here's the response from Alan Shea ...


I just worked through this on a test tree - your mileage may vary. Here's what I documented running edirectory on Windows 2000 server:

Goal: Change the IP Address of the eDirectory replica server, moving from the local subnet to another subnet across the Internet and gaining new public and private IP addresses.

1. Stop the NDS (eDirectory) service.

2. Update the host file (\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) to reflect a new subnet, new self, IP address of the tree, and other eDirectory replicas as appropriate.

3. Change the server IP address, DNS servers, and gateway.

4. Update the host name on DNS.

5. Update the host files on other replica servers (as needed).

6. Move the server and power it on.

7. Verify the host file, IP address, DNS, gateway, and Internet connectivity.

8. Start the NDS service.

9. Start DSRepair, repair network addresses on moved server (this should take care of all the replicas that server talks to). Note: I ran an unattended repair of local database on EACH server in replica, but I'm not sure now that this was necessary.

10. Limber each server.

11. Give it time! Watch DStrace and check the server health after an hour or two.

It (mostly) worked just fine for me!

Another Forum participant added:

One important thing to note: Only move one server at a time. If you move more that one server in the replica ring at the same time, they will not sync again.

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