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Business Class (SLES & NLD) Vs. Consumer Class (SUSE Linux)

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By Rick Holzer

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Posted: 5 Dec 2005

The initial differences between SUSE Linux (previously called SUSE Linux Professional) and Novell Linux Desktop (NLD) / SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) are listed here:

Effectively, NLD and SLES have a long life cycle of seven years, which is guaranteed. While SUSE Linux has a short life cycle where we offer a "tradition" (not a guarantee) of security fixes for two years.

Because of this long life cycle, software vendors and hardware vendors will certify their SUSE Linux products against SLES and NLD, which is not done for SUSE Linux. Furthermore, Novell will not open a support ticket on SUSE Linux for the same reason.

Other differences include:
Package Contents SUSE Linux has the same security fixes as the purchased version of SUSE Linux, but it is lacking the following:

  • 300 pages of printed manuals
  • A registration key entitling the registrant to Free Installation Support
  • 100's of additional packages that are not included with OpenSUSE that are listed here
  • Any and all closed sourced packages, most importantly Java. Though the closed source packages that are not included in OpenSUSE can be freely accessed from their respective developers.

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