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The Downsides of Deleting a Shared Folder

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By Susan Salgy

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Updated: 13 Dec 2005

Donna R. wrote: I know how to create and share a folder. But what happens if I delete that shared folder? What are the warnings I should be aware of? What happens to the items in the folder? Folks who depend on my info in this folder would be lost, right? Recommendations?

If you are the owner (the one who created it), then when you delete a Shared Folder, you are presented with the option to delete just the items or to delete the folder and the items. The items will go to the trash so the owner can recover them. However when they are undeleted from the trash they end up at the root of the Cabinet folder and are no longer shared.

All the members (people you shared it with) will get a message announcing the fact that you deleted it, but they will not be able rescue the contents. If you are not the owner you can delete it from your own cabinet without deleting the entire folder and its contents, but if you are the owner, your deletion kills it for everyone.

Couple of other gotchas:

  • Once you delete a folder, it's gone forever. If you want it back, you will need to recreate it.
  • If you are the owner, any cleanup options you might have established for your own mailbox will also affect the contents of your shared folders. So if you're excessively tidy and you've set things up to automatically delete everything after, say, 30 days, your shared folder might show up empty for you and all the members, on day 31.

As you might guess, this can be highly annoying to everyone you've shared that folder with. For this reason, you may want to turn off any automatic deletion cleanup options before you create a Shared Folder.

OPEN CALL: Anyone else got any words of warning or advice for Donna? Let us know.

Shared Folder Advice

Jochen Hillenstedt

You can first create a resource and assign an owner to that. Then you can create a shared folder in the resource.

So you can define things like automatic deletion in the resource that are different from the ones you set up in your own mailbox. You can delete the shared folder from your mailbox, and the other users will still have that folder. You can also change the ownership of the resource so another user is responsible for it.

Casey Couture

For those shared folders that may need to live beyond the user's tenure, I like to set up resources to handle shared folders. Create the resource (e.g. "Board Meeting Minutes"), set the system visibility to "none" so the resource doesn't collect spam/general messages, and then give the responsible party proxy rights to the resource. The user can then share a folder through the resource, which will remain intact if that user leaves the organization.

Petter T. B. Sørensen

At my office we use many shared folders.

We had some issues when an account with many shared folders belonged to someone who longer worked for us, and needed to be deleted.

We made a workaround adding a resource to the GroupWise system for every department to make it handle the shared folders for the department.

One person in the department has the ownership of the resource. His job is to make the shared folders, but every user of the shared folder have all rights to add and delete mails in the folders.

Because of this workaround we can easily delete an account without worrying about shared acounts.

Kiril Stankov

All that was said in this article is true!

There is only one solution to these issues - have a centralized shared folder management! A separate account per group of users, Post Office, Department, etc., from where all Shared Folders come.

For more than two years now, we at OpenNet have been constantly improving TreeCast - a tool that makes sharing entire folder trees a piece of cake!

John Rieder

Another "BIG" gotcha is........if you are the owner of a shared folder (this goes for owners of shared address books too) if you leave the GroupWise system (your account is deleted) everything in your shared folder will be deleted and gone forever!!!!

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