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Distribute Printer Drivers Across the Network with RSYNC

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By Florian Deckert

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Posted: 8 Dec 2005


How to distribute printer drivers (NetWare broker) across the network with RSYNC.

In TID10085929 you can see that you have to copy one folder from a central broker to remote brokers. But how can you do it automatically without having to copy hundreds of MBytes?


Well, all you have to do is to use the famous RSYNC. Configure a RSYNC server on your central broker, add the following file and start sys:/rsync/rsyncstr.ncf


uid = nobody
gid = nobody
max connections = 0
syslog facility = local5
pid file = SYS:/etc/
motd file = SYS:/etc/rsyncd.motd
    path = sys:/ndps/resdir/english/prndrv
    comment = NDPS drivers
    read only = yes
    use chroot = no

On remote server you can use /etc/crontab to schedule the replication with the command:

rsync -arv --delete central.corp::NDPS/ SYS:/ndps/resdir/english/prndrv/

And what is great is that you don't even need to restart the remote brokers. They will use the dynamically replicated database.

Be aware that the next time you reload the brokers they will find out you tampered the database and will rebuild it.


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