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Troubleshooting Installation Problems ("Windows error 3")

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Wolfgang Schreiber

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Posted: 12 Dec 2005


While trying to install an NDK component and calling the install routine with the executable installation download (*.exe) the launched installation routine fails with the error "Windows error 3 occured while loading the Java VM".
The same problem may occur when uninstalling an NDK component.


This error typically is caused by a known bug in InstallAnywhere by Zero G Software which may occur with certain JDK versions.

The installation routine is not able to locate the correct JVM.

A workaround is to call the install/uninstall executable from the command line and explicitly specifying the option "LAX_VM" together with the path to your JDK binaries.

EXAMPLE: Sample command line format for an NDK installation:

novell-extjndi-devel-2005.02.25-2windows.exe LAX_VM
"C:\Program Files\Java\j2sdk1.4.2\bin\java.exe"

Sample command line format for an NDK un-installation:

uninstall.exe LAX_VM "C:\Program Files\Java\j2sdk1.4.2\bin\java.exe"

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