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Removing Selected Source Attributes

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Posted: 15 Dec 2005


I am attempting to remove source attributes that are stored in a schema syntax of "PATH" (structured attribute). I want to remove all attributes that are of a specific "volume". Is this possible?


Here's some advice from the Forum's Father Ramon:

You would need to do the following:

  1. Read all the values of the attribute.
  2. Narrow that down to the set you want to remove.
  3. ,
  4. Send a remove value for those values.

For example:

<do-set-local-variable name="sourceValues">
   <token-src-attr name="Home Directory"/>
   <token-xpath expression="$sourceValues[component[@name='volume'] = 
   <do-remove-src-attr-value name="Home Directory">
    <arg-value type="structured">
     <arg-component name="nameSpace">
      <token-xpath expression="$current-node/component[@name='nameSpace']"/>
     <arg-component name="volume">
      <token-xpath expression="$current-node/component[@name='volume']"/>
     <arg-component name="path">
      <token-xpath expression="$current-node/component[@name='path']"/>

Here's an XPATH expression for a given volume and path:

$sourceValues[(component[@name='volume'] = '\mytree\myorg\myvolume') and 
([component[@name='path'] = '\mytree\myorg\myvolume')]

... and one for a given volume and a path starting with "xxxx" ...

$sourceValues[(component[@name='volume'] = '\mytree\myorg\myvolume') and 

... or a given volume and a path that contains "xxxx" ...

$sourceValues[(component[@name='volume'] = '\mytree\myorg\myvolume') and 

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