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Workaround for problem joining a new node to the Cluster in NetWare 6.5 SP4a

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By Corrado Ferilli

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Posted: 15 Dec 2005


CLUSTER--<2090>: Join retry, some other node acquired the cluster lock.

A new node cannot join the cluster.


The panning ID has changed since the cluster was originally started. According to TID 10097549, there are 2 workarounds. However, the steps indicated to calculate the panning ID are not applicable if you have the NetWare 6.5 SP4a installed.

  1. Rebooting the entire cluster will ensure the panning IDs will be the same in all nodes. So, take down the whole cluster and then restart it.

  2. If the solution 1 is not applicable, try the following:
    Take a LAN trace to capture Novell NCS heartbeat packets from the node which fails to join the cluster and from the node which is the current cluster master node.
  3. Look in the data section immediately following the IP header.

    The panning ID starts at offset 26h and will be 8 hex digits long - i.e. 1c b6 b2 81.

    Compare the value in the heartbeat from the node which fails to join and the value in the heartbeat from the current master node.

    If there is a difference then the panning ID has changed.

    It will be necessary to change the value of the panning ID on the cluster object in eDir back to the value it was when the current master node first loaded NCS.

    The decimal value stored in eDir has to be derived from the hex value seen in the trace.

    If the value seen in the trace from the heartbeat from the current master node = 1cb6b281.

    • Put 1cb6b281 in calculator in Hex mode
    • press Dec gives 481735297
    • -1 = 481735296
    • 481735296 is the value which should be stored on the cluster object in eDir

    Use ConsoleOne to change this value

    • Select Properties of the cluster object
    • Remove the page option in ConsoleOne for the Cluster Protocol Internals.
    • This allows you to modify the attribute through the other tab.
    • Save and apply.

    When the node loads NCS it should then join the cluster.

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