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Open Call - Best Practices for Login Scripts

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Posted: 4 Jan 2006

A reader recently commented:

"I would like to open a discussion on best practices for login scripts - I know it's a huge topic, but here are some things to consider:

  • Container scripts vs. user scripts
  • Scripts running across WANs
  • Scripts used in hetrogenious environments"

And here are the early responses ...

Stay away from user scripts as much as possible and simplify container scripts by including the script from the container above it. (Anders Gustafsson)

With scripts running across WANs, try to keep replicas close to the users that need them. (John Bodoni)

Try to keep scripts small and simple. Things like "if member of" etc. tend to slow things down because groups need to be checked upon login. By creating a decent directory structure on your volumes you would rarely need to use "if member of".

Long login scripts will slow things down as well. (Edward van der Maas)

Got a tip for login scripts? Send it to Bob ...

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