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Copying Student Files Quickly

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By James Denton

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Posted: 28 Dec 2005


Moving students and their home directories each summer from one context/volume to another takes a long time, due to a large amount of data in those directories.


Empty out all student directories every summer in a matter of minutes in the CLI. Trustee assignments and file rights remain unchanged.


Below is an example of how to delete files in a directory without deleting directories. Use it when copying student home directories from one server to another. The files don't need to be saved, only parent directories. Use the following example, changing only server names where applicable. Note that the commands were run from an XP/2000 machine.

Moving 8th graders (2009) from JRHIGH to HS ...

  1. Open a command-line window (Start -> Run -> cmd).
  2. Type: net use M: \\jrhigh1\data\user\09 and press Enter.
  3. Type: M:\ and press Enter.
  4. Type: del /s /q M:\ and press Enter.

You should see directories processing. This will save all directories and delete all files under the '09' folder. You may then use ConsoleOne to copy the 09 directory from JRHIGH to HS.

You should find that this speeds things up dramatically.

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