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Posted: 20 Dec 2005

Looks like we've received another review, this time from the good folks at The author of the review has had experience with Debian, Fedora Core, and Ubuntu. Overall, for ease-of-use, he recommends SUSE over the rest.


"SUSE 10.0 probably has the best installation I've used."

"During the installation, you are asked for the root password, and to set up a separate user - I was glad to know that SUSE maintains the concept of not logging in as root..."

"On the other hand, SUSE 10.0 does have an excellent installation and YaST in its favour. It is very polished, and should be easy for any person, almost regardless of computer competency, to use and maintain."

"If user friendliness and ease of use are paramount, then I can think of no better distribution than SUSE 10.0."

Read the entire article here.

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