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Heads Up: GroupWise 7 End-User Computer-Based Training from BrainStorm Now Available

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By BrainStorm, Inc.

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Posted: 20 Dec 2005

Because BrainStorm, Inc., the Novell authorized end-user training partner, knows all your organization's end users aren't on the same level when it comes to knowing GroupWise 7 features, they've developed a new kind of computer-based end-user training for GroupWise 7?a CBT with predefined courses.

With the GroupWise 7 CBT courses, all your users don't need to sit through 7+ hours of training. New users can just take the GroupWise 7 for Beginners course, while experienced users may find the Popular Advanced Features course more appealing.

After they're trained

Once your organization's users complete their initial training, they can continue to use the CBT as a reference tool. With over 150 GroupWise 7 completely searchable features covered and a link to more GroupWise help references, such as BrainStorm's GroupWise User Group, your organization's users will be able to find answers to all their GroupWise questions.

Take a look at BrainStorm's new GroupWise 7 CBT.

Contact BrainStorm to get your copy.

Even more

The GroupWise 7 CBT also has the following features:

  • Pre-defined courses so all your organization's employees don't have to sit through all 7 hours of instruction.
  • Search capabilities so users can continue to use the content as a reference tool even after they have completed their initial training.
  • 150+ instructor-led video segments taught by a GroupWise 7 end-user master trainer as if he were in a classroom setting.
  • Web and Flash-based content for use on any browser or platform (no software to install)
  • Links to other GroupWise 7 help resources, including GroupWise tips and tricks and BrainStorm's new GroupWise User Group.
  • Completely customizable content. Add your own videos, define your own courses, and choose the topics you want to include. (Network version only)
  • Comprehensive coverage of all GroupWise 7 topics, including WebAccess, GroupWise Messenger, and Document Management.

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