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Keeping Users from Scheduling a Resource Too Far in Advance

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By Matthew Shuter

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Updated: 4 Jan 2006

PROBLEM: Administrators want users to only be able to schedule a resource a certain number of days/weeks in advance.

Solution #1:

Manually approve/decline appointments for each resource.

Solution #2:

Pre-schedule the days that are currently off limits.

Either from the Resource Manager's account, or from the Resource directly, create a recurring appointment for the days that are off-limits. If using rules to automatically accept/decline appointments, this will cause appointments to be declined.

When the time becomes available for scheduling, go into the Resource Manager or Resource account, and delete the filler appointments. Be careful to only delete that instance of the appointment, and not all future appointments. To prevent this, you could create one recurring appointment for each week.

Solution #3:

This was sent to me from Jim Sepanik:

I've got a couple of resources set up like this. If you use the Due/End Date attribute, you can use a rule to accept or decline the appointments. The Accept rule must be first, and the key to this working is the "Stop Rule Processing" entry in your actions. Your decline rule needs to have "Appointment conflict exists" set to "Does not matter." That is all that it takes.

You may want to do a standard decline with "Appointment conflict exists" as "Yes," and a third as I describe above, but with a reply that they are trying to schedule too far in the future.

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