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Migration Path from NetWare 6

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By Greg Jandrain

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Posted: 29 Dec 2005

NetWare 6.0- 100 users
GroupWise 6.0
ZENworks 4.1 for Desktops

We are looking at all the options to upgrade from NetWare 6. We also want to upgrade and offload GroupWise onto its own server, but still upgrade and utilize ZENworks and NSure Audit while considering Linux flavors for NOS. We have little Linux background.

SOLUTION: We found the best migration path to do an in-server upgrade to NW 6.5, as well as ZENworks and Nsure, but run GroupWise on OES on a new server. This gave us the opportunity to explore SUSE Linux, but still use the tools we are familar with in ConsoleOne.

The learning curve will not be as steep if we want to migrate to SLES at a later period.

Any other migration experiences/advice to share? Fire away.

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