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Solving Continuous Synchronization Problems

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By Akos Szechy

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Posted: 28 Dec 2005


If you have experienced a continous synchronization problem with eDirectory, you most likely have found TID 10069194 which describes how to identify the issue. However, in a 20 MB log file it's pretty hard to find the problematic timestamps.


You can use grep on Linux or grep.exe for Windows from to find the culprit replica. All you have to do is the following:

1. Check the dstrace.dbg file for a line containing the "put value" string and at the end of the line you will see the "MTS [modification timestamp]" value with a current timestamp which will tell you what is the correct, latest modification timestamp. For example you will see something like this: "MTS [2002/03/14]"

2. Make a note about the date (in this case "2002/03/14") and use the grep command to check every line that has the "put value" string but not the timestamp. Use a command like this:
cat dstrace.log | grep "put value" | grep -v "2002/03/14"

The results will show you something like this:

43A6C55E:582:5f79b520:209 put value succeeded, .WM:NAME Computer.[Attribute Definitions].[Schema Root] MTS [2001/12/19 14:36:09, 4, 12]

In this example, Replica 4 has a problem with synchronization, as it is synched only up until 2001/12/19.

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