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Posted: 21 Dec 2005

Tech Talk #1 - Fun Fun Fun
Novell Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 1

by Ken Baker
Novell Connection Magazine - November/December 2005

Here's an excerpt:

Free climbing, skydiving, heliskiing, surfing monster waves: nothing beats the adrenaline rush that comes from staring down the next big death-defying risk, unless of course, you work in IT. Most IT directors and managers despise risk. With the profitability, productivity and viability of your company on the line, you can't afford to introduce any unknowns into your production environment. Before bringing on any new technology or solution, you do your homework, you plan, you test, you validate and you incorporate at a measured pace.

If you've invested any significant amount of time working with Linux since its inception 14 years ago, you've come to appreciate it for its high standards of reliability, performance, security, interoperability and lower total cost of ownership. For you, the penguin holds no risks.

But if you're new to Linux?even if you've read all the glowing reviews, heard the testimonials, or done your research?no matter how interested you might be in taking advantage of all it has to offer?you won't make the move until you've validated it for yourself. Even then, you'll move at your own pace, charting your course with precision to eliminate any hazards that might try to upset your operations and plans.

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When Novell introduced Novell Open Enterprise Server earlier this year, they had you especially in mind, as well as other IT managers and business technology buyers. They considered those who need workgroup networking and application services for their mixed or open environments and are considering Linux as the platform to host those services. Whether you work in a NetWare, Windows, Unix or a mixed environment, Open Enterprise Server allows you to leverage proven enterprise-class network and identity-based services while giving you a migration path toward Linux you can take at your own pace.

But you say you don't do new releases. You let risk takers deal with first generation offerings. You wait until the product successfully passes a true field test and emerges as a second-generation release. For Novell Open Enterprise Server the wait is over. It's been a real-world success, garnering a 2005 Network Magazine Innovation Award in the Infrastructure Software category and top honors in the Server Operating System category of the 2005 VARBusiness Report Card awards. And, with its recent support pack 1 release, Open Enterprise Server has also left the first generation ranks far behind, building on the strengths of the original release with even greater capabilities in the areas of management scalability, global security, end user productivity, deployment agility and business continuity.

Quick Look at What's New

In addition to incorporating some improvements to the overall operational quality of Open Enterprise Server, support pack 1 provides a wide variety of new features and product updates including:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 service pack 2
  • NetWare 6.5 support pack 4
  • Novell Storage Services (NSS) on Linux performance enhancements
  • iFolder 3.1 integration
  • Linux User Management improvements
  • iPrint features and capabilities
  • Novell Client for Linux
  • Improved management and migration

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